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This post looks at actions taken to Strengthen Community Planning and Preparedness under Executive Order (EO) 13650 - “Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security” - which was issued by President Obama on the heels of the disaster in West, TX.  The West, TX incident killed 11 First Responders, injured 226 people, and  damaged or destroyed 150 buildings, which included an apartment complex and middle school.  Chemical Safety Board findings show that poor communication, unclear regulatory st...
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What is the Price of Safety?

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Everyday, Public Safety authorities respond to incidents that affect our safety and security.    It's hard to believe until we read the statistics.   For example, toxic chemicals are spilled or released somewhere in the US an average of 3 times per hour.   Due to constant budget cuts, Public Safety offices are struggling to staff enough resources to keep up with demands.  Having worked with government public safety for the last 13 years, I have seen the hard fight to fund the modernization of p...
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