Oregon Introduces Online System for Hazardous Materials Reporting

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Oregon collects reports from thousands of regulated businesses storing hazardous chemicals onsite to meet state and federal statutes.  Oregon used to collect reports by mail from business and manually input data into a local desktop Access system.     The information was then shared with County planners and emergency responders through an annual export.  A separate set of information was also shared with public users requesting information under Right-to-Know laws through an annual export.   


With the new Hazmat Online Reporting system, the program experienced a digital transformation.   The end-to-end hazmat reporting process is streamlined with better quality of data and instant sharing of of the latest information to Emergency Planners,  Responders, Inspectors, Public Users, and Businesses.  The web-based system enables all users to access the latest submitted information based on their appropriate roles and privileges.  


Business Reporters can easily access their accounts anytime throughout the year to update critical information such as contacts and locations.   Based on reports, a pro-forma invoice is created, significantly reducing the complexity of fee calculations.  Administrators can quickly review submitted information, flagging sites for routine inspections, and scheduling inspectors to collect their findings.   Information is used by all County users to develop emergency plans and in real emergency scenarios.   They can access maps of areas surrounding the hazardous sites, providing important insights.   The fully integrated system is offered as a managed service so that the program focuses only on running its program, not on hardware and IT services.  The complete system analysis, customization testing, and roll out of the online system was completed in 6 months.