All Things Hazconnect

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Hello all,  

Our TIER II MANAGER community has been growing for many years.  During this time,  we have helped thousands of users involved with emergency planning and response, SERCs, and LEPCs. Over the years, many customers have approached us and asked what other solutions we provide other than Tier II Reporting because they had read about an online Emergency Planning capability or seen Permitting solutions being presented at a conference.  The answer is Yes!  We do much more than Tier II Reporting.     There's Emergency Planning, Compliance, Mapping, Hazards Assessments,  Permitting Solutions, Collaborations, Document Mangement, and Inspections and much more.....

So, to help our community better understand all the solutions we have, we are introducing a new brand called Hazconnect.  Hazconnect will be a collaboration platform that brings together people and tools to help you, the safety professional, collaborate easily, prepare quickly, and response safely.    Hazconnect will offer solutions for different regulatory reporting programs in addition to EPCRA as well as provide more offerings for Planning, Operations, and Inspection groups.  Hazconnect will continue to build on its offerings for SERCs and LEPCs.   The TIER II MANAGER will be part of the Hazconnect platform.    Stay tuned as we share more news in the coming weeks!  We look forward to growing with you and helping you meet your mission and mandates the best way you can.